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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:09 pm 

Joined: Sun Jul 29, 2007 11:52 am
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Location: Canberra, Australia
Hey again, just been getting some more stuff added to my engine to start interfacing the physics and scripting system.

I also got a little bored and decided to do a little bruteforce test on gamemonkey, see if it could cope. Creating 10000 Vector3s ever 0.05 seconds inside a simple loop I'm using to test the physics interface:

global makeBall = function()
   this:Body_SetGeoSphere( 128.0, 28.0 );
   local SpinCount = 0.0;
   sleep( 2.0f );

   local test;
   while( 1 )
      // make some crappy objects
      for( i = 0; i < 10000; i = i + 1 )
         test = Vector3( 10, 10, 10 );

      local XForce = sin( SpinCount ) * 4096.0;
      local YForce = -cos( SpinCount ) * 4096.0;
      this:Body_ApplyForce( XForce, 0.0, YForce );
      SpinCount += 0.05;
      sleep( 0.05 );

That is the function I'm using. Even without that for loop of 10,000 inside of the while, but before the while, I get this problem...

Anyways, the problem I'm having...

I've got a door entity also existing in the world, which is triggered to open and close. I have two triggers, one setup to open, one to close, by means of a message, the code for these as follows:

// trigger_once
global TriggerOnce_OnProcess = function()
   local Time_ = .triggertime.Float();   
   local Message_ = .message;
   local Target_ = Ent_FindEntity( .target );   
   if( Target_ != null )
      sleep( Time_ );
      Target_:Ent_SendMessage( Message_ );

The actual problem appears to happen after creation of many Vector3s, and will occur in a call to C++ from these functions:

global Ent_MoveTo = function( Position, Time )
   this:Ent_MoveToAsync( Position, Time );
   sleep( Time );

global FuncDoor_OnMessage = function( Message )
   if( Message == "open" )
      // Open
      this:Ent_MoveTo( .OpenPos_, .OpenTime_ );
      // If we have an autoclose time, wait, then close.
      if( .AutoCloseTime_ > 0.0 )
         sleep( .AutoCloseTime_ );      
         this:Ent_MoveTo( .ClosePos_, .CloseTime_ );
   else if( Message == "close" )
      // Close
      this:Ent_MoveTo( .ClosePos_, .CloseTime_ );

Ent_MoveToAsync just sets the state in an entity to tell it to move to a position within a set time period in seconds.

This function in C++ is:

// scriptMoveTo
int GM_CDECL EntScriptable::scriptMoveTo( gmThread* a_thread )
   // 0 - Position
   // 1 - Time
   GM_CHECK_USER_PARAM( BcVec3d* , GM_VECTOR3, pPosition, 0 );

   EntScriptable* pThis = reinterpret_cast< EntScriptable* >( a_thread->ThisUser() );
   BcAssert( pThis != NULL );

   pThis->bMoveTo_ = BcTrue;
   pThis->MoveToStart_ = pThis->Position_;
   pThis->MoveToEnd_ = *pPosition;
   pThis->MoveToTime_ = Time;
   pThis->MoveToTick_ = 0.0f;

   return GM_OK;

GM_CHECK_USER_PARAM( BcVec3d* , GM_VECTOR3, pPosition, 0 ); will fail - and spit out this to the console:

"expecting param 0 as user type 7"

The type is actually "0", GM_NULL. Is the garbage collector collecting perfectly valid objects which are members of a user type? The "this" of my FuncDoor is a usertype, which also points directly back to a table. It is also a global variable set by:

pMachine->GetGlobals()->Set( pMachine, pFileData->pProps_[ i ].Value_, ThisVar );

"ThisVar" is the user object which is the entity, "pFileData->pProps_[ i ].Value_" is the entity name.

I get the feeling that I am forgetting something if garbage collection is clearing up some of my lovely objects :(
Anyone know if I am, or could anyone point me roughly in the right direction to start tracking this tricky little bug?


PS: Just tried replacing that nasty for loop of creational doom with "sysCollectGarbage( true );", same bug occurs.

PSS: I found the solution...was a little obvious really, but I'll post it incase someone end has a similar bug to me:

// Ctor
   bRunning_( BcFalse )
   gmMachine* pMachine = GmManager::instance().pMachine();

   pTableObject_ = pMachine->AllocTableObject();
   pUserObject_ = pMachine->AllocUserObject( this, EntScriptable::TypeID_ );

   // Make sure the garbage collector doesn't remove them from us.
   pMachine->AddCPPOwnedGMObject( pTableObject_ );
   pMachine->AddCPPOwnedGMObject( pUserObject_ );

   Position_.set( 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f );
   Orientation_.set( 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f );

   bMoveTo_ = BcFalse;
   bRotateTo_ = BcFalse;

I was forgetting to call AddCPPOwnedGMObject - The tables containing the variables that became null were being binned. They are not anymore however 8)

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