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New Version 1.21 released
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Author:  Greg [ Tue Mar 16, 2004 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  New Version 1.21 released

Main Improvements:
o Improved documentation, including much more on garbage collection and how to manage gmObjects 'owned' by C/C++ code.
o Added minimal application.
o Modified hex constant parsing to not clip integers.
o Improved logic for incremental GC. Incremental GC now enabled by default.
o Byte code can be output in little/big endian for any target machine.
(From v1.1)
o Added new assignment operators.
o Added constant folding to compiler.

Main Bug Fixes:
o Fixed bug with string 'operator not'.
o Fixed bug in gmTable relating to incremental GC.
o Fixed bug in code generator when function stack resized during compiles.
o Fixed other very minor bugs and cleaned up code a little.

Please read the change log for more details.

o Unfortunately there have been a few machine function changes due to improvements in memory management. These relate to setting the memory limits for use by the VM and should be quick and easy to modify if you are using them.
o Auto calibration of the incremental garbage collector is not perfect but works well most of the time. Serious users will want to manually tweak their memory limits, casual users can just set a large limit or enable auto and forget about it.
o I was hoping to include the GameObject example code with this version but I have not finished it and am not sure when I will get back to it. I may post it 'as is' sometime as it is reasonable example code, it just doesn't do anything interesting to watch.

Please provide feedback and report any issues in the Support forum.

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